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[UPDATE: Good news everyone, CLLCT.com is back!]

So some bad news just arrived via e-mail.
"Good evening, everyone. As you've noticed, CLLCT is down. The bad news is that it's down forever. We were going to upgrade the server, and the guys at volumedrive assured us they wouldn't wipe the server (i very specifically asked them not to). Of course, they did just that, and when I asked them why, they said "OH I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD TOO MANY FILES TO REUPOLOAD. HAHA, SORRIES!" Because they're apparently run by children. I did backup, but because it didn't seem like a high priority I forgot to backup the php database...making everything impossible to put back together. On top of that, volumedrive won't even give us a refund.

I'm very sorry, everyone...I don't have the energy and the will to recreate CLLCT. Doing it the first time completely exhausted me, doing it a second time would probably kill me. I will, eventually, move on to create other websites, but none of them will ever mean to me what CLLCT did. I'm proud to have known all of you and I'm proud that you were all members of my family."
To roughly 99.5% of you, that e-mail won't mean anything. I've linked to CLLCT several times on almost any site that would let me, but now, those links lead to nothing. So, if you're not already familiar with CLLCT, you can disregard the rest of this post. It won't mean anything to you and might just make you sad for something you missed out on.

So CLLCT, the most original music concept on the internet, is dead. Gone are the days of free music downloads from guys you'd never heard of. They're still around, but they're scattered. Hard to track back down. That was the charm; getting little independent jewels from bands that only existed for a brief moment before the musicians returned to their banks or schools or pointless jobs.

The true value of CLLCT was that it really was a family. Once you were in, you were in. There was no initiation or musical litmus test. You just had to have a reason to be there, and you were in. Everyone was on a first name basis with everyone else, and everyone was there for the same reason. We all loved the same music. Music made at home, in moldy basements and dusty garages, that sounded rough yet genuine. Honest. There was no overproduction or prepackaged sound loops. Just aspiring musicians making music and sharing it with friends.

Of course, those great, unsung low-fi bands and artists are still around. The site may be gone, but the music remains on our harddrives and CDs and iPods. Musicians like Seamonster and Morgan Enos will continue with easy pages like MySpace, but there's something missing. The feeling of community is gone, with its members scattered again across the internet.

If any other Family members end up reading this, please, send me an e-mail or leave me a comment on here. There are too many albums I never had a chance to download, and too many basement/garage/backyard concerts we never had a chance to throw.

[Edit: For the record, my e-mail address is austin _ surge AT hotmail DOT com]



I was a very happy member.
I had to resort to streaming my new tape on MySpace page. Very bummed to find out that it is gone forever, but I had assumed it the whole time.

I was on CLLCT as well, and I'm going to miss it terribly. I'd heard about the fate of the first incarnation of the page, so it doesn't surprise me, but it does make me sad. My music is also on Myspace, and I'll up the albums for download later. I would also like to get in touch with other cllct artists, so I'll post this entry around a bunch and see who I can direct this way.

I'm touring the west this summer if you live around their and want one of those shows we never got to throw.

-Morgan Orion

This has me really bummed out.

all the music is still free at:

Aye, I feel like a little part of me is missing.
-Assault Squad Safety Scissors

i am very sad...but nevertheless confident and trusting that something even more beautiful will rise in its wake. i got a chance to hear music from some great artists, got some inspiration and had a place--however temporarily--to share my work. just wish i had a little more of a warning. oh well. at least now i won't have to remember my account information.

I was also a member and a humongous fan of the DIY-"hey, listen to my music" thing happening within CLLCT. The artists on CLLCT not only inspired my own music but provided inspiration for a radio show I host.
I am certain that something like CLLCT will arise once again. In a world of convergence culture, it's no longer the big wigs who dictate what we listen to or play, it's our peers.

I just gave them money. Wonder if I can get a refund.

oreaganomics misses cllct...a lot.

In the event anybody subscribed by e-mail: there's a forum now set up by Russ!


so sad. I just got in that circle and now its gone.

Damn I miss the site.. I was going to put up a split with Man Of Moons.. now all the stuff I put up is gone.

I recently got bum fucked for my computer and I was trying to find all the seamonster and tinyfolk and that rad ass mistfits tribute and the magnetic fields and basically everything.

I feel like a family member has died.

I promise.

It will return, soon

everybody who would like to get a little glance of the whole beauty of CLLCT should have a listen to this one:

Mega bum out. I'll miss this site. So much good music at my fingertips. Thanks for keeping it going this long.



i'm so bummed about this! my life won't be the same...

-Logan Greene

so many of my recordings are gone now.... bummer. i never realised how important cllct was until it was gone. - http://ryan.thegoodshows.com/music.html

I had a few little projects I couldn't find a home for, and Cllct became that place. Whether it be long ambient experiments made while half asleep, or noisy anti-folk songs, it felt like they belonged there. I've actually been working on something else that I wanted to release exclusively on cassette, but also have a digital version available on Cllct. I'm not sure what I'll do now. Bandcamp is a bit too prestigious, and Myspace is hell to navigate. Guess I'll have to keep looking.

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