X96 'Design A Poster for MUSE Contest'

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So recently I entered a contest held by X96 (an alt. rock station in Salt Lake, for my international readers). The contest was simple -- design a solid tour poster for the band MUSE, and maybe you can win some tickets! So I mustered some ideas, and came up with this:

I mean, it's not amazing, but it's pretty cool! Sarah also came up with an awesome one that looked like a vintage concert poster, with a hand-drawn literal muse, and psychedelic colors. Also real neat looking!

A couple weeks later, we're waiting to find out if we won. Long story short, we didn't. I mean, not a big deal, it would have been cool or whatever. What perplexes me is the posters that DID win. Let me demonstrate.

Here is the Facebook gallery of winners. They're sort of awful. I mean, let's break them down.

Poster one -- very poorly done. Scott hypothesizes that it won because it has the X96 logo on it, which is probably correct.

Poster two -- this one is pretty solid, if it hadn't have been stolen from the cover of a One Republic album. Sick burn.

Poster three -- this one looks great, for an indie band. MUSE is too rocking for an indie poster!

Poster four -- hey, way to recolor some of the stock art from the publicity packet. You're awful.

Poster five -- good concept, but it still leaves some to be desired.

Those posters are stupid. Nicely done, X96. Way to choose a few unoriginal, awful posters, and a couple passable ones.

P.S. No I'm not bitter, but I will literally fight anyone who says those posters are deserving of winning.



Wow. Those posters are awful.

More importantly though, your poster is awesome. In fact, I'm a little jealous... my graphic designing has fallen by the wayside. This is my favorite thing you've done. Simple and beautiful.

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